The Casualties

“’India’s BSF’ kills four more Bangladeshis. Four Bangladeshis have been killed allegedly by members of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in …” – Prothom Alo

“BSF kills 4 Bangladeshis in Noagaon, Jashore. India’s Border Security Force (BSF) reportedly killed four Bangladeshi nationals, said to be cattle traders, along the Noagaon and Jashore borders. Among the deceased…” – The Daily Star

JP Clark wrote that casualties are not only those who are dead. I agree with him. The casualties of border conflicts are not just those in the news, they are those we will never see. They extend beyond the nine that were killed yesterday and the seven that died the day before. There are more casualties than those displaced from their homes and placed in shacks called camps, because someone left in a hurry from where he shouldn’t have been in the first place. The casualties are not only those who lived there, but also those who will live here. Those who will never swim these waters. The casualties extend to the fingers that will never feel warm again. The face that would never feel the wind again. The eyes that will never be dried again. The casualties are lost childhoods and erased histories. The S.A.Ms who mourn eternally for the death of their memories. The memories that were assassinated in the cold of the night. The casualties are more than the dead, or those who await burial by installment, they are well out of it. This casualty has a name. Tista.

Featured Image: Tista River by Sayed Asif Mahmud